About the JCI European Capitals Meeting

The JCI ECM is an informal annual 3-4 day conference for members and senators in JCI chapters in European capitals. The meeting focuses on learning, networking, inspiration to fellow capital city chapters, cultural exchange, and of course fun! The meeting has typically around 100 participants, and often consists of a combination of seminars, workshops, culture, sightseeing, and social events.
As the ECM is not an official JCI conference, the host city has a lot of freedom in designing the program. Most ECM host cities also choose an overall event theme.

The ECM typically takes place in April or May, and is therefore an excellent preparation for the European Conference some weeks later – as most of the ECM participants also attend the EC, and there reconnect with their new and old ECM friends.

The ECM was held for the first time in 1993 in Berlin, and has been held annually ever since. Other host cities have been Amsterdam, Ankara, Belgrade, Bern, Brussels, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, London, Luxembourg, Oslo, Paris, Stockholm, Tallinn, Vilnius, and Warsaw.

1993 Berlin
1994 London
1995 Brussels
1996 Ankara
1997 Bern
1998 Oslo
1999 Edinburgh
2000 Stockholm
2001 Paris
2002 Amsterdam
2003 Berlin
2004 Vilnius
2005 Warsaw
2006 Ankara
2007 Copenhagen
2008 London
2009 Luxembourg
2010 Stockholm – “Green capital” (www.ecm2010.se | www.facebook.com/groups/184211883216/)
2011 Tallinn – “Everything about the future” (ecm2011.jci.ee | www.facebook.com/ecm2011)
2012 Bern – “Urban nature”
2013 Berlin – “Urban security” (www.ecm2013.de | www.facebook.com/jciecm)
2014 Belgrade – “Explore the energy” www.facebook.com/jciecm)
2015 Copenhagen – “From fairy tales to global success” (www.ecm2015.dk | www.facebook.com/Copenhagen2015)