Welcome to the JCI European Capitals Meeting 23–26 April 2015 in Copenhagen!

We look forward to hosting you in our wonderful capital with the theme …

“From fairy tales to global success”


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Welcome to ECM Copenhagen!

Copenhagen is a modern-day fairytale city, and on 23-26 April 2015 we want host you at the ECM. Mark the dates in your calendar, and join our Facebook page to stay tuned!


What is the JCI ECM?

The JCI European Capitals Meeting is an informal 3-4 day conference, focusing on learning, cultural exchange, networking, and fun. In 2015, it will be held in Copenhagen. Read our FAQ here.

Thursday is our welcome and registration, and will be a low-key mingling night in one of Copenhagen’s trendy areas.
The theme for Friday is “Global Success”, with presentations and discussions on what creates success for and in a city.
Get ready to experience Copenhagen and enjoy today’s “Fairytales” theme. Who knows? We might throw a party today also =)
Sunday we relax, have fun and perhaps some games, and wrap-up the ECM2015 – looking forward to the EC and to the ECM2016.

So why go to Copenhagen?

  • Globally acknowledged cozyness also known as “hygge”.
  • Modern, friendly atmosphere in the “most liveable city” 2013 & 2014.
  • We like to party, but will also focus on sharing and learning.

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